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Company introduction


Partnership in guangdong, guangdong FARBELL electronic technology co., LTD., guangdong science and technology of contact technology co., LTD., affiliated to the FARBELL group, founded in 1992, the registered capital of $6.63 million, is located in the great sun yat-sen's hometown of nam long town, zhongshan city, has a horizontal door industrial park covers an area of 27 acres of production bases, contact of science and technology park covers an area of 36 mu product research and development center, software development and marketing, the company is FARBELL panduit landing-answer and Trudian contact smart locks for the leading product, is committed to intelligent building, intelligent home security products, set design, development, production, and services for the integration of high-tech enterprises.

The company has an excellent and efficient scientific research and marketing team, always adhere to independent innovation for the development of the enterprise motivation, obtain a number of national patents, wholeheartedly provide customers with the best quality integrated community intelligent security solutions. 

The company has advanced production equipment, perfect detection means and more than 20 years of production management experience, casting rock-solid quality.
The company will adhere to the "customer-centered" development strategy, "integrity-based, continuous innovation" corporate values, the construction of intelligent community, leading the intelligent life.


Security Industry

Guangdong Haotian

Technology Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1998, intelligent security and building intercom research Development, production, sales

Gangdong Fanda Electronic technology Co. LTD 

Founded in 1992, Electronic Manufacturing

Electronics industry

Smart home


Guangdong Chudian Technology Co., Ltd.